How To Make A Concrete Slab Coffee Table

concrete coffee table

What’s your decorating style? Classic, vintage, modern, Victorian, shabby chic? Would a sleek concrete table fit in with your living room decor? It wouldn’t with mine but this has me wishing it would! My living room is too filled with toys to even fit a coffee table these days but maybe someday…

You can tell that this table took some time and work. Dozens of samples and stains were tried first and the pouring/finishing method was perfected before the actual table was created. The base looks like it was the most complicated. This table is really beautiful! I especially love the straight clean lines. Careful kids! Those lines and edges look pretty sharp.

Concrete is the way of the future! It is even taking over the roadways. Everything used to be asphalt but that’s not the case anymore; concrete’s trying to edge asphalt out. Learn out about the paving pros and cons here.

Here’s the link to see all the details on the project…

ViralNova: Concrete Slab Coffee Table (photos)