Tour A Converted School Bus That’s Now Housing a Family of Five

This school bus was converted into an amazing motor home which currently houses a family of five. They completed this project themselves and did a fantastic job. This was a DIY project and they had no outside contracting help! Brian, the father, works in aerospace engineering and his wife is an interior designer. They put their talents together and created this amazing home on wheels. They began this project to find a debt-free place to call home and they achieved their goal.

To complete the project costed about $30,000 in total, but compared to most RV’s that’s a pretty good deal. The couple mentioned that they maxed out a few credit cards to push this project to completion faster.

The home is eco-friendly and is also free of any allergens and toxins to fit their families desires. There is plenty of storage space and their kids have space to themselves. The bus is 40 feet long and is also registered as an RV so it can be taken anywhere.

The family named their creation ‘Big Bertha’


It has an RV license so it can be driven anywhere


It fits their family of five


It features a full kitchen


With drawers for food storage


There is also a great area to look out of the window


The beds are stacked on top of each other to save space


The bedroom areas feature plenty of storage


He even built a study area for their kids


There is an eco friendly bathroom too, but it lacks privacy


Want to see more? Be sure to check out the video tour:


Images/screen captures via: BerthaTV (youtube)

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