This Crusty Old Schoolbus Gets Transformed Into a Luxury Tiny Home

If you are like many people, you have probably thought about living in a tiny home. In fact, seeing all of those beautiful homes online makes me jealous. I have always dreamed about leaving the apartment life behind and getting my own tiny home.

A man in Austin, Texas did just that. He was thinking and planning to build a tiny home for months, but finally took the plunge. Once he saw an auction for a school bus, he got the idea to turn that bus into a home! After all, they already have walls, windows, and a door. This is the perfect base for the home to be!

The completed project is absolutely stunning. There are so many amazing details to this home. It also looks spacious, as the roof was raised. There is even a full entertainment center. Not bad for someone with no building experience! This home is also solar powered, which means not only is it cozy, but environmentally friendly!

Tiny homes are getting more and more creative. What is your favorite room in this home?

Instead of doing a traditional tiny home, this man decided to do something spectacular. Turn an old school bus into a fully functional tiny home.

Photos via – imgur/intalleyvision


He purchased the school bus for $2200 from his local school district through a surplus auction.


The builder of this tiny home had no previous experience, but he was able to put together a great plan


The first step was to strip the bus of all the seats, to make room for the home.


After this was completed, he removed the metal ceiling as well as all the windows.


This was done to make a more open design


During the process, he even found an old ‘Kick Me’ sticky note!


Then came building the steel walls to insulate his future home


Once that was done, he started adding the walls on the inside


At one point, he realized that the ceiling needed to be raised to accommodate his height.


Then came the futon to start making this bus feel like home


When he started making the kitchen, he said it only costed him $300, the most expensive part being the faucet.

The builder also mentions that the kitchen here was bigger than the one in his studio apartment!


Just look at that awesome tile work!


After some amazing wood walls and a large cleanup job, the house was finally starting to come together


To finish the exterior, this bus was painted white. Then, this incredible home was completed!


The bedroom is in the back by the emergency door and has an overhead TV


Then there’s the completed kitchen. Just look at that detail!


Alongside the kitchen is a lovely home office.


And last but not least, you have the living area right at the front of the bus.

See more photos of this build here: imgur/intalleyvision

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