Woman Converts Greyhound Bus Into Incredible RV

Many young people living in big cities can’t afford rent and have looked towards other housing methods. This young woman is no exception to that. Living in New York City can be expensive, so building a tiny home became a great option! Instead of building a traditional tiny home, this woman went all out on building something that she could take anywhere around the country.

She got the idea to transform a Greyhound bus into an absolute palace on wheels. However, this project didn’t come cheap. The total cost to build this home was around $125,000. That is more expensive than most tiny homes. but not many can compare to the luxury of this one!

The bus itself is a 1996 GMC Greyhound bus that she bought on Ebay at auction for $7,000. She mentions that before buying this bus she didn’t even have a drivers license! That is quite a leap. Overall, the project took close to three years to build. Is this tiny home worth the money and the time? You decide and let us know!

This woman built a tiny home from an old Greyhound bus

It cost about $125K to build and took three years. Everything was built from scratch

It features a full kitchen

With real wood floors

There is a small reading area outside the bedroom

And the bed is super cozy and has a bookshelf

There is a bathroom with a shower on board

As well as a guest area in front

Here is one last look at this amazing bus

More photos and full specs: thebustinyhome

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