How To Cook A Hot Dog

Maximum Cooking Efficiency For Hot Dogs

How To Cook A Hot Dog

Who knew there was an art to hot dog cooking? My normal style (on the campfire) is black on the outside, somewhat warm on the inside. I’ll admit that’s not ideal but I just get so impatient! I guess I can take a cooking tip or two.

The end results of spiral-cutting the ‘dogs’ look great! Kind of funny but delicious. I like how the condiments can fit in all the little grooves. More ketchup for me! So maybe this won’t work on the campfire but for sure on the grill. Is it barbeque season yet? Not in my neck of the woods. I refuse to give up my childhood love of hot dogs and plan on eating a bunch of them this summer! Don’t think about what’s in them or how they aren’t healthy. Just enjoy! Real Simple has some creative hot dog ‘recipes’ that go way beyond ketchup and mustard. Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!