Cordwood Construction As A Unique Flooring Solution


Cordwood. What is that? It’s just a fancy name for firewood that has been cut into uniform lengths. Cordwood by itself it’s nothing special but DIYers are getting their hands on it and coming up with some pretty creative projects. Projects like this one featured at Little Things.

There are people making whole houses, cutting boards, counter tops, and much more. When cordwood is sliced into disks, called end grain, it can be turned into something quite fabulous. Something fabulous like a floor! How to make a floor? The end grain disks are sanded down, arranged on the floor (no gaps!), glued down, and coated with polyurethane to give you a natural, shiny, and durable floor. Sounds like a win to me!

Here is some information on building with cordwood. This trend is taking off so it will be good to ‘be in the know’!

See the floor here…

LittleThings: Cordwood Gave Their Old Floor An Incredible Makeover (photos)