17 Clever Corner Shelving Ideas

If your home or apartment is like mine, you could probably be using your space in a more efficient way. I am currently trying to find ways to better organize my place and try to store all of my extra stuff, and I think I found the way. Corner shelves! Every home or apartment has corners.

And most of the time, besides having a lamp or a chair, the space pretty much goes unused.

One of the best ways to get more use of the space in your home is to take advantage of corner space. There are four corners in every room, there are corners between cabinets, corners in your bathroom, and corners in your kitchen.

Instead of taking up wall space with a bookshelf, you can turn a corner into a space of its own!

Take a look at these 17 corner shelf space ideas. You can buy your own corner shelves to mimic the designs that these people have sculpted, or you can use these pictures to inspire you to make your own!

After looking over all of these shelves, comment below and tell us your favorite ones!

1. Black Living Room Shelf Design

A great decorative shelf idea for living rooms with unused corner space

via: 7decorideas | moelmoel

2. Corner Night Shelf

Dont have enough room for a nightstand? You can use the corner next to your bed to make a great shelf

via: mykidstime

3. Decorative Bathroom Shelves

This is a great way to make use of the space in your bathroom

via: blogmujer

4. Hallway Shelf Idea

This person made great use of the space in their hallway!

via: zillow

5. Corner Desk Shelf

This is a great way to make use of the space in your office

via: ideiasdiferentes

6. Study Shelf Idea

Studies are usually a bit small, so a corner shelf like this is a great way to make use of the space!

via: casinhadanane

7. Antique Corner Shelf

This person turned some antique furniture into this lovely corner shelf idea

via: bookcasefurnitures

8. Loft Shelf Space Idea

Most lofts have lots of corner/unused wall space. A shelf like this is a great way to increase storage!

via: dwell

9. Kitchen Nook Shelf

Does your kitchen have a little ‘nook’ area? You can make use of that space by adding a shelf like this.

via: diy50

10. Kitchen Shelf Idea

Here is another great shelf idea for your kitchen! This is perfect for cook books.

via: homeclick

11. Rustic Corner Book Shelf

Check out this amazing rustic shelf idea! Perfect for cabins or homes with rustic decor.

via: natifly

12. Wooden Block Shelf

This is an easier DIY project. Wooden blocks like these can make a great shelf

via: blogmujer

13. Corner Wooden Book Shelf

A few stumps like these cut to fit in a corner is a really great home decor idea!

via: etsy

14. Brightly Colored Corner Shelf

A fun colored corner shelf like this is a great way to brighten up any room in your home!

via: 7decorideas

15. Small Kitchen Area Shelf

If you have cabinets in your kitchen, you can use the space between them to add shelves like these.

via: serelo

16. Decorative Dining Area Shelf

You can make great use of your dining area space with a corner shelf like this.

via: homeazy

17. Kitchen Counter Corner Shelf

A shelf like this is a great way to make use of the space above your counter tops

via: propertypriceadvice