Hidden TV

Cover Your TV In Style With This Sliding Barn Door DIY

Hidden TV

I’m all about hiding eyesores. I love clever roundups with tips and tricks for making your home more aesthetically pleasing. I’ve put a couple of them to good use already. My thermostat is hidden behind a picture and my wireless router is also cleverly disguised on the bookshelf. One thing that I had never really considered an eyesore until now was the TV. How to hide it? Liz Maria came up with a brilliant way to hide it while adding to the overall decor of the room! nice.

Sadly, using a sliding barn door and industrial pipe wouldn’t work for me. Even If I could hide it the rest of the room would still be in plain sight. We’ve committed to only having one TV, and it’s in our family room and that room is a free-for-all; it’s the one room that’s impossible to stay caught up on. There are toys, movies, books, my desk, comfy couches, children and animals. Lol. It’s basically well loved and ‘lived in.’ But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put this lovely DIY to use in your home ASAP! Maybe I could do this in my guest room? Guests might like a TV.

Bob Vila has some other suggestions on how to hide your flat screen if the barn door doesn’t fit your style. I think the map is my favorite. See them all here.

Here’s the full tutorial…

LizMarieBlog: Industrial Pipe Sliding Barn Door TV Cover