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5 Cozy DIY Projects To keep You Warm All Winter

Who else is ready to tackle some cozy DIY projects? It is almost November, and that means it is just about winter! Some of our readers in the northern states might be feeling a bit chilly now, but soon all of us will be entering winter. The season of snow, ice, and low temperatures.

But that is not a bad thing! Winter is also the season of hot chocolate, fire places, and warm winter jackets. But those do not keep us as warm as we would like to be! That is where this list comes in.

We have found five super cozy DIY projects for you to try this winter. These crafts will keep you warm and they are easy to make! They are also a great way to re-purpose old sweaters. If you want to try these crafts out as gifts, or wear them yourself, there is something for everyone here. And we all can agree that we want to stay warm this winter.

So take a look and see if there is anything you want to try.

If you do try out one of these crafts, take a picture and post it in the comments!
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1. Turn a sweater into a pair of insulated socks.

cozy diy projects 1

Full tutorial here:


2. Or turn an old sweater into a new warm pair of slippers!

cozy diy projects sweater slippers

Full tutorial here:


3. Make a pair of easy love-your-soles socks.

cozy diy projects love socks

Full tutorial here:


4. Knit yourself a pair of comfy lilac slippers.

cozy diy projects knit slippers

Full tutorial here:


5. Or if knitting is not your thing, try these fabric slippers!

The worst part about winter is walking on a cold floor.

cozy diy projects fabric slippers 1

cozy diy projects fabric slippers 2

Full tutorials here: |
Have you attempted any of these cozy DIY projects? Please share how it went in the comments below!

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