Salt Spring House

Cozy Log Cabin Style Tiny Home

Salt Spring House

You are going to fall in love with this tiny home on Saltspring Island (British Columbia). The Keva house will take your breath away with it’s rustic beauty. I know that you will love it too. It goes to show that anyone with an adventures spirit can take on a big task, like building a home, and succeed. (With some help from professionals of course. Not all of us are electricians or plumbers.) Nicely done lady!

I love it this quaint little home! It has a pretty pergola porch, lovely windows and exposed beams. The interior is clean, bright, and open. What’s not to love? The answer? Nothing! If I ever decided to build a little house someday it would look a lot like this one! (p.s.-Check out the ‘rustic’ outhouse. That’s not for everyone!)

See this awesome house being built here…

Keva Tiny House: Building Process Photos