These Cozy Tiny Homes Cost As Little As $1,000

If you are looking for a super cheap tiny home, look no further than an Arched Cabin. Made in Texas, these tiny home kits are made to withstand weather and keep you warm all year round. These homes are stylish, but that’s not the reason people are flocking to their website.

The true reason is the cost. In fact, the cheapest model can cost as little as $1,000. Of course, the bigger the home you want the more the price will increase, but it is still much more affordable than other options. This price includes the roofing, doors, windows, and can even include special upgrades. They make customized homes for an affordable price.

If you are looking to dip your toe into the tiny home world, consider an Arched Cabin. For this price, you can build a guest house, man cave, or even your ‘forever’ tiny home.

Take a look at these cabins and see if you could live in one. We also included a look at some customized models made by people who bought these very same cabins. Enjoy!

This is the Arched Cabin

They are based in Texas

The cheapest model costs $1000 for an 8×8

While the most expensive model costs around $15,000 which is still an affordable price.

The 8×8 model fits perfectly on a trailer

This Arched Cabin owner built a small home with this cabin

There is plenty of space for a small bedroom

And even a bathroom!

The 24′ x 32 model has an incredibly impressive interior

This owner turned it into a luxury hunting cabin

It features a full bar

With a full kitchen

And plenty of counter space

There is a living area with great views

As well as a full bedroom upstairs

With a luxury bathroom

Another owner turned the 20×40 model into a home on a budget. This home with upgrades costs around $30,000!

This house can fit an average sized family

It features an open living area

As well as a spacious loft

As you can see, the possibilities with an arched cabin are endless!

See an Arched Cabin be built in this fascinating video

Images Via: Arched Cabins