Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin Tutorial

A Totally Fun And Messy Crayon “Drip Art” Pumpkin Decor Idea

Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin Tutorial

I’ve seen melted crayons on canvas but never before on a pumpkin. xoxoxox! I’m sending some serious love to the folks at The Swell for this wonderful fall craft! This is definitely one to do with the kiddos. I think using orange and yellow colors would be perfect for fall decor but any colors you choose will look wonderful. These are so so fun!

Here’s the link to The Swell’s full tutorial: (The Swell – Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin Tutorial)

With Halloween a little over a month away, thinking about the decorations you are going to use to make your house look attractively spooky should become a priority. There are lots of pumpkin crafts that can inspire you when attempting to create your own decorations and ornaments, and a crayon drip art pumpkin is certainly one of the most amazing on the list. If you have children, this project is going to be totally funky, abstract and terribly colorful at the same time. Opt out the canvas in favor of a beautiful, medium white pumpkin, and be sure to buy a new set of crayons for this crafting project – you would not want your child to cry for his old ones, would you?

Materials Needed

Besides the white pumpkin, whether natural or faux, you will need about 16-20 Crayola crayons, a blow dryer, some glue, and trash bags or surface cover, to prevent accidentally staining your carpets. Before you begin the project, you should necessarily remove the labels from your Crayola crayons, otherwise you risk ruining your project. Break the crayons in half, as you will not need them entirely to obtain a great result.

Step 1 – Gluing

The first step you need to go through is gluing the Crayola crayons to the canvas, which is the white pumpkin. The surface is contour, and they will not stay in place without some glue to keep them there during the rest of the process. Try not to exaggerate with the amount you use, otherwise the final result is not going to look as expected. Remember that you will be gluing only one half of every crayon to the pumpkin, so this is another argument that you do not need to use too much glue.
Place the crayons around the pumpkin – you can do this with a specific sequence of colors in mind, or randomly, for a more vibrant and eye-catching result.

Step 2 – Blow Drying

The next step is blow drying, which will apply heat to your crayons, making them melt. Do not go on high speed unless you made sure to place surface covers or trash bags underneath the pumpkin, because the wax in the Crayola crayons will melt much faster, splattering outwards and creating a mess. The crayons should start melting and dripping after about 30 seconds to 1 minute, so do not grow impatient if they do not do this the second you turn the blow dryer on.

At this point, your pumpkin should be a colorful mess. Always keep in mind that you can get more outstanding results if you manipulate the melted crayons during the heating process, as you can create abstract shapes and color combos. Take an acrylic brush (or any other brush you have handy), and create spirals or swirls with circle motions. You can also repeat the process a second time after the crayons melted and cooled, but using only one quarter of each crayon instead, and changing the initial color sequence. The more colorful the mess, the more interesting and fun your pumpkin craftsmanship will be.

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