Fun DIY Wall Art Using Crayons And A Hot Glue Gun


Do you have a glue gun? Most likely. Most of us do. And crayons? Yes, anyone with children has those and many people without have them too. I have boxes and boxes! This craft, featured at Little Things, uses those two things and a blank canvas to make something pretty nifty.

This is an easy DIY. Grab your favorite crayon color and insert it into the glue gun. Make drops all over the canvas and there you have it. Gorgeous art. A little modern but nice. (p.s. You’re going to need a new glue gun after this. Good thing they are affordable.)

Hands On As We Grow has a list of 35 crafts you can do with crayons. Hooray! I like the picture frame! Adorable. I also like the stained glass leaves. Beautiful and I’m sure the kids will love it.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!