Creative DIY Lego Table


Who doesn’t love Legos? They’re awesome! There is just one tiny problem with these building block. It sucks to step on one. It’s a pain like no other! Sweet Jesus have mercy! How do they end up all over the floor like that? If only there was a cute and functional way to keep them contained. Ohh wait…there is! This DIY from Fussy Monkey Business has the cutest Lego table with built in storage bin.

What do you need to do? Keep your eyes out for unique furniture pieces that could be turned into a table for toys. Then find a bin that could fit into it. Also be thinking of the perfect paint color. This table was made from an old sewing machine table scooped up from a garage sale for $5. I know what I’ll be looking for this summer at the sales! Legos are awesome. As is the theme song from The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome! Have you seen the movie? Be warned… you won’t be able to get these songs out of your head.

Here’s all the steps taken to build this…

FussyMonkey: Lego Table Build