repurposed projects

Creative DIY Ways To Recycle Old Items

repurposed projects

Attention Do-It -Yourselfers’, here’s the roundup for you! I’ve found 54 ways to recycle old things to spruce up your house in creative and random ways. Since I’m so kind and generous I decided to share them with you. Lol. You’re welcome! Repurposing is my favorite. I love giving new life to something headed to the dump, it’s much more satisfying that putting it out for the garbage man to grab on Friday.

To be honest, I don’t all have the supplies for these DIYS…but I’m going to make a trip to the thrift shop soon. That’s how fun they are. I actually saw a horseshoe fairy door once! I must have one for myself. I also want the vintage door knobs as coat/key racks, the leggo dresser, and light bulb lamps (perfect for a patio party). I could really list them all but I can’t do them all at once. I’ll start with those ones. I might add some of these repurposed furniture DIYs from HGTV too. Check them out here

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Homesthetics: 54+ Ideas On How To Creatively Recycle Old Items