Creative Uses For Silica Gel Packets


Have you ever wondered what those little white packets that come in your shoe boxes are? They are packets of silica. Silica is extremely absorbent. So absorbent it attracts all the moisture in the air and traps it inside the beads of the packet. Why is it useful to you? Yes, those little packs keep your shoes and other items from getting musty or moldy but it also has a myriad of uses around the house. Anywhere managing moisture can be helpful, these packets can be put to good use. Check out the video for some inventive uses for these seemingly useless little pouches. Who knew?!

So next time you find a silica pouch in a package you open, hang on to it. You may find it useful at a later date. I am going to start collecting and using them around my house. Ack! I am becoming a packrat!

Don’t feel like collecting? That’s ok. You can buy the packets for super cheap on Amazon. You can find anything for sale on there!