Creative Uses For Wine Corks

wine cork hacks

‘Novinophobia.’ The fear of running out of wine. Get it? No vino. Lol. I’m not sure if that is an official phobia but it is a funny one. It’s not a problem we suffer from our house. When we run out of wine, we simply repurpose the bottles and have fun with the corks until our next trip to the store. This video from Household Hacker has 8 amazing ways that corks can be put to good use that you are going to love!

I like the air plants idea. That would look so cool! Sad that my fridge is stainless steel and magnets aren’t an option for me! The candle is my favorite. These are all really fun ideas! Who knew wine could be so delicious and useful! Wonderful!

There are so many phobias out there. Like I said, I don’t know if novinophobia is an official one but there are other ones relating to vino. Oenophobia is the actual fear of wine. Check that out and all the others here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!