Cookie Cutters

Creative Ways To Use Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters

Use cookie cutters for cutting cookies only. No. Be a rebel. Use them on everything and make your life better. So much better. That’s what this roundup, featured at Smosh, did for me. I’m inspired and so excited to feature it here today! Excited! Ecstatic! Exuberant! It’s the best. Really.

This is a simple Idea but one I’ve never used. Everything from vegetables to mozzarella can take on a new and fun shape thanks to cookie cutters. These would be be perfect if you have a picky eater. Fun shaped food always tasted better…

Using cookie cutters for crafts is a brilliant idea too. I love the ideas of using them to write shapes on cards. I’m sad I didn’t know abou the frozen whipped cream in time for hot chocolate season this year. The pancake one is my absolute favorite. Now I can branch out from my traditional mickey mouse ears. Fun!

I want to try these but mostly I just want to gobble up some delicious cookies. I’ll probably start with these classic peanut butter cookies from Land O Lakes. Yummy!

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