Creepy Halloween Cupcake Ideas


Seeing this post, my first thought was, “Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.” What better scene is there in literature to launch into the Halloween season, than the opening scene of Macbeth? Yes, Halloween season is here in full force. Time to break out the cotton spider webs and carve up the pumpkins. Nothing too scary in our household. Meaning no vampires, zombies or werewolves. We tend to stick to the Disney, sci-fi, and superhero characters. And delicious themed treats!

These are the fun and cute snacks you will find on my serving platter this Halloween. The early arrivals to my doorstep will be getting a few of these delicious and creative cupcakes. They will be supplemented with store bought candy. After all, I can’t or won’t make hundreds of these things for people. The cute little ones who will appreciate them most are usually around before the sun goes down. Let’s be honest, I will be eating a good portion of them myself before they ever show up. Lol. I need to make certain they taste as good as they look. Here is a roundup of some other Halloween themed treats that you are going to love! Yum yum yum! It’s going to be a delicious October 31st.

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Diply: 15 Scrumptiously Spooky Halloween Cupcakes