Crusty Old School Bus Gets A Stunning Makeover


What did you do after graduating? Sleep for a month? Travel Europe? Get married? (Haha. Ring before spring.) Well these eight grad students decided to take on an epic remodeling project. They took an old dilapidated school bus and turned it into a luxury RV.

They had a dream, drew up plans, and got to work. The B.R.V. (bus recreational vehicle) has it all. It sleeps eight (all of them), has a bathroom, stove, and fridge. Every bit of space has been maximized and there is a ton of storage, some hidden and some not. It even has coat racks and bookshelves. Wow! They decorated it well too. Nice job guys. Me and mine went on a road trip in June and we might have got along better if we had a sweet ride like this.

Here is another Cinderella story. Some buses just get second chances! See what Our Cora Bean did to their old bus. It’s equally fantastic!

Here’s the link to all the pics…

JustDIY: Old, Broken-Down School Bus Gets Epic Overhaul (photos)