Cute As A Button Crochet Cowls (Pattern)

crochet cowl with animal ears

One of our facebook fans shared the collage above with us and I just had to do some digging to find out who makes these! The hoods by themselves are just adorable but when you add the animal ears… that just brings it over the top. I absolutely love the fox design. My only question now is if they come in adult size as well. I want one!

I found out the crochet patterns are available over on Etsy from the Velvet Acorn: CROCHET PATTERN – Flint Fox Cowl

Additional Resources: Don’t have time to crochet one yourself? You could also buy one pre-made from a variety of shops also on Etsy. They won’t be exactly the same but pretty close. Check out Ciao Bunny Kids and also Dragonfly Den Crochet for more options.