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12 Super Cute DIY Pine Cone Crafts To Decorate Your Home

Now that we are starting to see Christmas lights and hearing holiday music, it is time to start decorating your house for the holidays. There are many fun decorations that you can buy to make your home more festive. However, it is also the time of year where you need to buy gifts for your family. That can make buying decorations look unappealing. But don’t worry, we have a solution: DIY pine cone crafts!

Pine cones have been used for crafts for years. If you are like me, you made them in school when you were a kid. But pine cones are more than just turkeys and bird feeders. We have made a list of 12 amazing DIY pine cone crafts that make the perfect decorations for your home this holiday season. All of these crafts are easy to make and super cheap. Pine cones are easy to find and affordable at most craft stores.

So give this list a glance and see if you want to use some of these decorations for your home this year. Which of these DIY pine cone crafts is your favorite?
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1. A pine cone Christmas branch like this one is a great DIY holiday decoration

DIY pine cone crafts christmas branch

via: architectureartdesigns


2. This pine cone wreath is perfect for your door

DIY pine cone crafts wreath

via: hellomarielou


3. Have you ever seen those glitter pine cone decorations? You can actually make your own

DIY pine cone crafts glitter

via: homesthetics


4. Pine cones can make great DIY Christmas trees for your home

DIY pine cone crafts christmas tree

via: kitchenfunwithmy3sons


5. You can also paint them gold and make this gold Christmas tree

DIY pine cone crafts gold tree

via: selectshoppinglinks


6. By painting pine cones different colors, you too can make this easy pine cone craft

DIY pine cone crafts hanging

via: faithfulprovisions


7. Painted pine cones also make great table decorations

DIY pine cone crafts table decoration

via: afancifultwist


8. This kissing ball craft is actually much easier than it looks

DIY pine cone crafts kissing ball

via: consumercrafts


9. Pine cones make great hanging terrariums

DIY pine cone crafts hanging terrariums

via: familyholiday


10. When you have friends or family over for dinner, try this pine cone name place setting

DIY pine cone crafts name placement

via: howtoi


11. Pine cones also make great DIY candle holders

Be careful, and make sure to do this properly!

DIY pine cone crafts candle holders

via: afancifultwist


12. And these glitter painted pine cones are the perfect decoration for your coffee table

A cheap and easy pine cone decoration this one will really brighten up your home this holiday season!

DIY pine cone crafts table

via: hative



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