Amazing Tiny Houses

Super Cute Tiny Homes Of Every Shape And Size

Amazing Tiny Houses

They say bigger isn’t always better. After seeing these quaint houses, featured at Diply, I think they might be onto something. Unless they’re talking about purses. A girl can never have a big enough purse! What do you think when you hear the words tiny, warm, cozy, and cute? I think slippers and blankets. Most people probably can’t describe their homes that way. But these lucky folks can!

Yup. Amazing! Don’t get me wrong, I love my house! I love every room, nook, and cranny. I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China nor all the glitz and glamour of Paris. But I would like to have one of these places as a getaway. If I ever get wealthy enough to have a second home it’s going to be one of these on the beach for sure! Speaking of beaches, check this out. Homes-Houses…Nice getaway spot! Find it here.

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Diply: These Adorably Tiny Houses Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better