Fabulous Ideas For Decorating With Letters And Words


This post is sponsored by the letters A B and C. (For all you Sesame Street fans. Hehehe.) A is for Awesome. B is for Brilliant. C is for Creative. That’s what this post is… awesome, brilliant, and creative. Check out these 37 wonderful DIYs on decorating with letters and words you make yourself. F is for fantastic!

I love the english language. Our home has quotes on the walls magnetic poetry on our refrigerator and we talk a lot. Language and communication is very important to all of us. Below you will find dozens of brilliant and creative ways to express yourself in your home.

I love the thumbtack and the crayon ideas most because I can do them. And I can do them without a scroll saw. The book page folding idea blows my mind! It looks amazing, but I can not wrap my head around how it is done. They do provide some patterns at the end of the article but I’m not sure it’s enough for my tiny brain. Someone please do this and show me how! Becoming Martha has another ‘word art’ roundup that is quite clever. Be sure and check it out here.

Here’s the link to all 37 ideas…

DIY And Crafts: 37 Striking Decor Tutorials Using Letters And Words