Bomb SHelter

This Hatch Takes You Deep Below Ground. What’s Down There Is Jaw Dropping!

Bomb SHelter

Are you prepared for disaster? Tornado, flood, zombie apocalypse, nuclear bomb. I have bottled water and a purifier, some dehydrated food, and a lot of survival knowledge. My parents live in the middle of nowhere, off the grid, so we would probably head there. Any of you heading to your emergency underground home/bunker? Probably not many of us have one of those…

Atlas Survival Shelters is the most amazing company. They sell those! Theses underground houses have everything needed to survive the worst and they’re not too shabby. They are down right amazing. They have a 200 year ‘shelf life’ and are designed to protect against radiation.

All have crazy huge generators-that’s good! Underground in the dark? No thank you! They have two exits, one hidden in case of emergencies, and are watertight. They have mud rooms, a full bathroom, bedrooms/bunk beds, TV, fridge, and wash machine. There are different layouts of course, some more extravagant than others. There is even a model built for four families to live together in connecting houses.

They fit a surprising number of people, especially the more expensive ones. They are luxurious and huge considering they are homes build in underground pipes. I didn’t know these existed and were so readily available to the public. They start at $50,000 and the more expensive ones are about $86,000.

Getting stressed about the end of the world? Never fear, this company is here…to feed you. will hook you up.

You have to see this to believe it! So check out all the pics here…

Atlas Survival Shelters (photo tour)