How To Turn Biscuit Dough Into Delicious Doughnut Holes

homemade donut holes

Baked goods are my weakness. Deep fried foods are my kryptonite. Be warned before watching this video. Here you will find a quick and easy recipe for… drum roll please… delicious, deep fried, quick, easy donut holes.

Everything tastes better deep fried. At every county and state fair in the country there are seemingly dozens of booths that do nothing but deep fry stuff. There are the usual donuts, elephant ears and funnel cakes. There are also the Twinkies, Snickers Bars and whatever else you can find in the candy aisle of 7 Eleven. Someone has deep fried it and someone has loved it. Love it! I kid you not, I have seen a deep fried cube of butter!

I’m not suggesting this as an everyday snack but it’s ok to indulge every once in a while. I’m not trying to promote Type 2 Diabetes by overloading you with sugary recipes. In fact I encourage healthy eating and lifestyles. But, every once in a while you just want that unhealthy, sits in your gut and adds inches to your waistline type of food. This is how you can know what is actually in that fried ball of deliciousness. Yum! Here are some other delish donuts that you need to try! I can’t wait!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!