Tour Inside ‘The Denali’ – A Luxury Farmhouse Style Tiny Home

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Timbercraft Tiny Homes has made some amazing houses in the past, but their new model, the ‘The Denali’, also known as the ‘Luxury Farmhouse’ is one of the most spectacular yet.

With only 350 square feet in total, this home certainly is tiny. But after checking this home out, Timbercraft made great use of the space. With high ceilings and a quality design, you will not feel cramped in this luxury home.

The home has one bedroom and one bathroom. The bedroom has enough room for a queen-sized bed and features a closet. The bathroom is a ¾ sized bath and there is no shower. However, the home does have an outdoor shower. Some of the other features include a fully functional HVAC system,

This tiny home comes with a not so tiny price tag of $89,000. This is cheaper than a full-sized house, but for 350 square feet some tiny home enthusiast are wondering if this price tag is worth it for this home.

This tiny home was built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes.

photo credit: timbercrafttinyhomes


They named this home ‘The Denali’ but it has also been nicknamed the ‘Luxury Farmhouse’ by tiny home enthusiasts.


And after checking this home out, I can see why!


The home features a lovely patio with a window leading into the kitchen


Upon entering this home, it doesn’t feel so small.


There are high ceilings and there is plenty of space to move around


The living area is right by the front door


The home features a beautiful kitchen, with a full size fridge and oven.


Behind the fridge and next to the stairs, their is a small bathroom with a tub.


Inside the bathroom, there is a washer and dryer combo built into the wall.


There is no shower inside, but the home does feature an outdoor shower.


One of the coolest features of this home is the slide out pet dishes!


Upstairs is a bedroom loft


This loft has a full closet!


Here is one last look at this gorgeous tiny home.


This tiny home is easily one of my top 5 favorite designs of all time. How about you?

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