Diaper Baby Craft

How To Make Adorable Diaper Babies For Your Next Baby Shower

Diaper Baby Craft

Babies! There are about one million, literally one million, brilliant DIYs relating to these cuddly bundles of joy. This year alone I’ve made a quilt, some hats, and a pair of adorable booties. None of them turned out quite like the pictures since I’m not a pro but I think the moms were still happy. These are fool proof to make; not even I could screw up a diaper baby!

I’ve seen diaper cupcakes, cakes, trikes, prams, and a whole lot more but these babies are the first of their kind for me. They’re so adorable that I am hoping there is a baby shower in my future so that I can make ‘em! For each ‘baby’ you would be giving a diaper, washcloth, and a pair of socks. You can never have too many socks or diapers! Alpha Mom has a diaper cake tutorial that’s great. Love. It. Find it here.

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pharMa: Diaper Babies Tutorial