How To Digitize Your Old VHS Tapes And Put On Your Computer


OMG! This is the tutorial for me! I have so many old VHS tapes filling up shelves in the bonus room. They are from way back in the day. Way back. Mostly old Disney shows and home movies and they need to be digitized. The home videos that is. I think I can toss the other videos, I’m pretty sure I have all those others in DVD form now anyways.

I love old stuff like slides, tapes, and printed pics but sadly ‘vintage’ doesn’t always last. In this digital era it’s good to have back ups. This video from Cnet shows how you can transfer those old video home systems, or vhs, to your computer. And guess what? This tutorial only requires a basic skill level! Bonus! I’m so excited to get those old recitals up for everyone to see. How about slides? Do you need to digitize some of those? Here’s how.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!