This $8 DIY Air Conditioner Works Perfecly


Boy Oh Boy! Is it hot out! Air Conditioning Units are expensive and use a lot of power. Portable AC units are less expensive but seem to use just as much power. What is a girl to do on those extremely hot days of summer? Try this DIY home air conditioner unit of course! The whole thing can be made for about $8.00 and a trip to a hardware shop and grocery store. Sounds like a win.

This ‘airconditioner’ is made from a styrofoam cooler, a small fan, and some dryer vents. You’ll need some ice packs or frozen water bottles too. That’s all you need. I swear! I can’t wait to see if this works. Has anyone tried it?

Hopefully you are more sneaky than me and can get away with turning up the AC. If not Lifehacker has five DIY ‘alternatives’ to running the AC full blast. My favorite is number 4. Who doesn’t love doing nothing?

Here’s the video… Enjoy!