35 Fun DIY Backyard Games For Your Kids This Summer

Summer is the perfect time of year for swimming, family vacations, and relaxing by the pool!

But if your kids are going to be home this summer, you might be making plans to get them off the couch and get them to go outside and play, just like you did when you were younger!

Well, we have the solution for that. There are many fun backyard games that you can make at home that will keep your kids outside without burning a hole in your wallet.

These summer games will be so fun that your kids will want to get off of their Ipads and get away from the TV!

Here are 35 easy DIY summer games fit for any park or backyard. Most do not take much work and many of the materials can be found right in your home.

The ones that can’t? Well, a quick trip to the thrift store or the dollar store will fix that!

1. Backyard Bubble Station

More info: la-lashomedaycare


2. Painted Potato Sack Races

More info: designimprovised


3. Lawn Dominoes

More info: dreamalittlebigger


4. Hula Hoop Croquet Game

More info: thecraftingchicks


5. Water Balloon Baseball

More info: overstuffedlife


6. Pool Noodle Targets

More info: thejoysofboys


7. Ping Pong Ball Targets

More info: planetoftheapels


8. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

More info: onecreativemommy


9. Backyard Ker Plunk

More info: allparenting


10. Backyard Mini Gold

More info: asmallsnippet


11. PVC Pipe Ring Toss

More info: sowderingabout


12. Water Gun Targets

More info: allfortheboys


13. Backyard Giant Jenga

More info: used


14. Ginormous Paper Airplanes

More info: firefliesandmudpies


15. Cardboard Ring Toss

More info: myfabland


16. Flamingo Ring Toss

More info: sugarandcloth


17. Real Life Angry Birds

More info: keepingitsimplecrafts


18. Balloon Paddles

More info: craftingintherain


19. Water Balloon Tossers

More info: agirlandagluegun


20. Sticky Tic Tac Toe

More info: frugalfun4boys


21. Pool Noodle Rackets

More info: ziggityzoom


22. Lawn Twister

More info: mommatoldmeblog


23. Outdoor Chalk Board

More info: projectdenneler


24. Bottle Toss

More info: womansday


25. Ice Bowling

More info: learnplayimagine


26. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

More info: macaronikid


27. Human Bubble Station

More info: onecharmingparty


28. Water Balloon Pinyata

More info: ziggityzoom


29. Hit The Can

More info: pagingsupermom


30. Laundry Basket Frisbee Golf

More info: thedatingdivas


31. Bucket Ring Toss

More info: lowes


32. Bottle Ring Pickup

More info: bhg


33. Lawn Yahtzee

More info: thepinningmama


34. Water Balloon Towel Toss

More info: loveplayandlearn


35. Easy Bottle Bowling

More info: moonfrye

If you have any of these DIY summer games, make sure to share a picture with us as we would love to see them! Which of these DIY projects are you most willing to try?

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