Canopy Bed

Clever DIY Bed Canopy Ideas To Bring More Whimsy Into Your Life

Canopy Bed

One year for my birthday I asked if I could remodel my bedroom. The parents said yes and I chose a jungle motif. Grass paper wallpaper, jungle lantern lights, bamboo shades, and zebra and giraffe shaped night stands. I loved it! But the most wonderful part of the whole room was my bed. There were hundreds of pillows, tan and green animal print bedding, and the most magical canopy. Every girl should, at some time in her life, have a canopy. There is nothing more ‘princess-ish’ and enchanting. The folks over at Buzzfeed agree with me and I think you will too.

The 14 DIY canopies featured there are lovely! And there is something there for everyone, young and old alike. These DIYs are so easy. As easy as a hula hoop and some fabric. Or you could grab a curtain rod and a table cloth. Number 6 is even simpler than that…it uses thumb tacks! I love number 5 so much. And everything with twinkle lights (heart heart heart). Which one of these is your favorite?

Don’t forget the perfect headboard to go along with your perfect canopy! DIY And Crafts has 40 that you must check out!

Find all 14 DIYs here…

Buzzfeed: 14 DIY Canopies You Need To Make For Your Bedroom