diy bookcase into cushioned bench and storage

DIY Bookcase Into Cushioned Bench and Storage

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diy bookcase into cushioned bench and storage

It’s amazing what you can do with Ikea stuff and all the creative ideas I discover each day. Here’s a really good idea that turns an Ikea bookshelf unit into a cushioned bench with storage!

My only issue with items from Ikea is that it can be flimsy and “cheap” in terms of stability so I was curious as to how this problem was solved especially when it comes to something to sit on! I don’t want to break it putting on my shoes.

It appears that a sheet of MDF was cut and used as a topper to keep it all together and create a continuous L shaped unit. When topped with foam and fabric it all comes together nicely.

Take a look here…

Sweet Seating Part 1

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