24 DIY Bunk Bed Ideas with Free Plans

Bunk beds are a great way to save space in your home. If you have several children and not enough rooms, getting a bunk bed can save on bed space and can make a room look great! Many parents who have downsides to save money on rent or mortgages can now make the best use of the space and give your kids and fun and cozy environment! These plans are also great to remember if you want to build your kid a bunk bed for a sleepover or for an additional loft to save even more space. No matter what you choose there is something for everybody here. There are even triple bunk beds available.

A bunk bed is also a great thing to have in the guest room to make more space if you have guests staying with you. There are so many things you can do with these free plans. If you see a bunk bed you like, be sure to bookmark this article and come back when you’re ready to build.

1. Three Stacked Bunk Bed

Plans: kidsactivitiesblog


2. Take Apart Beds

Plans: Buildeasy


3. A Frame Bed

Plans: Theruggedrooster


4. Stair Storage Bunk Bed

Plans: Suburbanwifecitylife


5. Boat Style Beds

Plans: 4men1lady


6. Modern Bunk Beds

Plans: Theownerbuildernetwork


7. Alaskan Bunk Beds

Plans: Jayscustomcreations


8. Hidden Ladder Bunk Bed

Plans: Instructables


9. Open Beds

Plans: Diynetwork


10. Double Bunk Bed

Plans: Cornerhouseblog


11. Solid Wood Style

Plans: Buildsomething


12. Small and Modern Bed Plans

Plans: Iliketomakestuff


13. Sister Beds

Plans: Jrlwoodworking


14. Loft Bed

Plans: Theprojectgirl


15. Easy Basic Bed Plan

Plans: Ana-white


16. Doll House Bed

Plans: Ana-white


17. Slide Out Trundle

Plans: Scraphacker


18. Easiest Bunk Bed

Plans: Instructables


19. Privacy Bed

Plans: Instructables


20. Floating Bunk Bed

Plans: Instructables


21. Closet Bunk Beds

Plans: Theycallmegranola


22. Castle Bed

Plans: Instructables


23. Jungle Bed

Plans: Instructables


24. 3 Stacked Beds

Plans: Teachingstars

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