52 Spectacular DIY Christmas Decorations You Must Try This Year

Now that Halloween is over, you have probably started to see holiday decorations all over your town. But that is not a bad thing! If you are like me, this is your favorite time of year too. I love the snow, the music, and of course, the food.

Christmas decorations are one of the best parts about this time of year. But we all know how expensive Christmas decorations can be, and as much as we want to buy every decoration we see, we need to hold ourselves back. But there is a fun way to save money and go all out on your decorations this year! The answer is DIY Christmas decorations. Cheap decorations that you can do yourself at home.

This list has 52 fun and festive crafts for you and your family to try this holiday season. These crafts are all DIY and some of them require very few simple materials.

So if you want to get in the holiday spirit, try out some of these DIY Christmas decorations in your home!

1. Turn an old lantern into a Christmas decoration for your porch by filling it with cheap ornaments

diy christmas decorations lanterns

via: dimplesandtangles


2. Roll up some fence and cover it with Christmas lights to make this stunning yard decoration

diy christmas decorations light balls

via: christmaslightsetc


3. Or try this light globe for your porch

diy christmas decorations light globe

via: curbly


4. If you don’t have a fireplace or do not want to put nails in it, try this DIY stocking hanger

diy christmas decorations stocking hanger

via: dukesandduchesses


5. Make your own wreath using wine corks

diy christmas decorations wine cork wreath

via: pinterest


6. These giant ornaments are the perfect way to spice up your porch

diy christmas decorations giant ornaments

via: hallmarkchannel


7. Decorate your yard with some PVC pipe candy canes

diy christmas decorations pvc pipe candy canes

via: diyshowoff


8. Have some old tires laying around? Turn them into snowmen

diy christmas decorations snowman tires

via: pinterest


9. You can also turn them into Christmas ornaments

diy christmas decorations ornaments

via: addicted2diy


10. Old logs can be made into snowmen by painting them or even cutting them!

This is great for both indoor and outdoor decor!

diy christmas decorations log snowmen 2 diy christmas decorations log snowmen

via: hip2save


11. You can also use frost paint to get a more rustic design

diy christmas decorations log snowmen 3

via: hubpages


12. These log snowmen are made for hanging on your door

diy christmas decorations log snowman 4

via: buttons


13. For Christmas dinner, try the snowman plate setting

diy christmas decorations plate setting

via: stagerlinda


14. Decorate your living room with this hanging Christmas tree made from sticks

diy christmas decorations stick tree

via: ueberallunirgendwo


15. Old bowling pins make great snowman decorations

diy christmas decorations bowling pins

via: pinterest


16. If you do not have any trees to decorate in your yard, you can turn a wood pallet into a Christmas tree

diy christmas decorations pallet tree

via: makingitinthemitten


17. Make some North Pole lights using PVC pipe and light bulbs

diy christmas decorations north pole lights

via: copelandchristmas


18. If you love candles, try these peppermint candle sticks

diy christmas decorations peppermint candle sticks

via: simplykierste | pinimg


19. Cheap pool noodles can make a colorful wreath for the mantle

diy christmas decorations pool noodle wreath

via: sweetpickinsfurniture


20. And so can cheap flip flops

diy christmas decorations flip-flop wreath

via: theflipflopdaisy


21. For a fun craft with your kids, make some painted Santa logs

This is actually very simple! You just need a diagonally cut log, some paint, and a cotton ball.

diy christmas decorations santa log

via: smartgirlsdiy


22. Old fish bowls stacked on top of each other turn into a decorative snowman.

diy christmas decorations fish bowl snowman

via: facebook


23. Try this adorable cartoon Christmas decorative piece

diy christmas decorations wood decor

via: keepingitsimplecrafts


24. Scrap wood and some paint and wood glue makes an awesome yard decoration

diy christmas decorations scrap wood tree

via: wildflowersandpistols


25. If you want something to impress your guests, this Christmas tree shelf will do just that

diy christmas decorations tree shelf

via: ana-white


26. Kitchen cabinets can be decorated with bows and ribbons

This simple hack makes your kitchen more festive.

diy christmas decorations cabinets

via: fitsby


27. This adorable lighted canvas would look great in any room

diy christmas decorations lighted canvas

via: rhapsodyinrooms


28. Prominently display your family photos with this beautiful picture wreath

diy christmas decorations photo wreath

via: thecraftingchicks


29. For a fun DIY project, turn an old picture frame into some Christmas decor

diy christmas decorations frame decoration

via: rstyle


30. Have some spare mason jars? Turn them into festive porch lights

diy christmas decorations mason jar lights

via: allthingsheartandhome


31. Make some over-sized ornaments for the house or your porch

diy christmas decorations over-sized ornament tutorial

via: homestoriesatoz


32. Paint some old window shutters to look like a snowman

diy christmas decorations snowman shutters

via: pinterest


33. Using cotton and stuffed penguins, you can turn your stairs into a penguin slide

diy christmas decorations penguin slide

via: davidkanigan


34. Wine glasses make great candle sticks

diy christmas decorations wine glass candle sticks

via: bokehamorephotography


35. You can also decorate your wine glass candle sticks like this

diy christmas decorations wine glass candle holder 2

via: thekeeperofthecheerios


36. Try a custom Santa tulle wreath for your door

diy christmas decorations santa tulle wreath

via: babyrabies


37. Display your Christmas cards with this decorative holder

diy christmas decorations card holder

via: gwennypenny


38. Hang some ornaments in your window for a simple decor idea

diy christmas decorations window ornament

via: verawedding


39. For a fun way to hang stockings, turn a wood pallet into a stocking holder

diy christmas decorations pallet stocking holder

via: kirklands


40. Recycle old plastic cups and make this awesome cup snowman

diy christmas decorations plastic cup snowman

via: wonderfuldiy


41. If you have the skill, make some wooden reindeer for your lawn

diy christmas decorations wooden reindeer

via: youtube


42. Use pine branches and a tomato cage to make a DIY Christmas tree so you don’t have to cut one down

diy christmas decorations tomato cage tree

via: twotwentyone


43. And if you want a smaller DIY tree for your house, make one with string and glue

diy christmas decorations string tree

via: youtube


44. Paint your lampshade with frost paint and decorate it like a snowman

diy christmas decorations frosted lamp shade

via: restyledjunk


45. Try this simple snowman candle holder

diy christmas decorations candle holder snowman

via: crafts-for-all-seasons


46. A Christmas planter is a great way to make your porch more festive

diy christmas decorations planter

via: twitter


47. Decorate your stairs or porch with a DIY burlap garland

diy christmas decorations burlap garland

via: createcraftlove


48. Use an old fence board as a canvas to paint your own decoration ideas

diy christmas decorations fence canvas

via: americanantiquities


49. Make a Frosty the Snowman candle to make your table holiday-ready

This is made by filling a small pot with wax, putting a candle inside, and putting it on a small saucer.

diy christmas decorations frosty candle

via: keepsakecandles


50. Terra cotta pots make awesome snowmen, Santas, or reindeer

diy christmas decorations terra cotta pot snowmen

via: craftown


51. If you want to go all out on your decorations this year, use a ladder and a few boards to make a Christmas village

diy christmas decorations tree village 2 diy christmas decorations tree village 1

via: countryandvictoriantimes


52. And on Christmas morning, you can decorate the presents to look like snowmen!

diy christmas decorations snowman presents

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