DIY Craft Table Built With Items From Ikea


Everyone has a dream work space and de Jong Dream House wants to help you create yours. This DIY will take all your future DIYs to the next level. Nothing is worse than having to organize and clean before a project. It totally defeats the point of crafting if you have to spend the whole time you have just looking for the items you need! You need an awesome table like the one featured here.

So what’s so special about this table? It’s made of three Ikea bookshelves and a door. Do you have any Ikea furniture? If you do, you know that it can be dressed up and turned into just about anything or be left as is and look just as great. Jen decided to dress hers up a bit and the results are fabulous!

Dreaming of more than a craft table? I can’t blame you! It would be wonderful to have a great big bright room full of supplies. This roundup from HGTV will show you people who got that and more.

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DreamHouse: How To Build A DIY Craft Table (tutorial)