DIY Doggy Feeding Drawer


Do you have a dog? It’s estimated that 37-47% of all households in the United States had a dog. That’s 70-80 million furry pets! Out of those millions of pooches, I own two. Denali and Naya. My sister’s dog, Dez, is over all the time too. So I basically have three. Love those guys! They sure are messy though. Especially when they are eating. This nifty feeder might help with that.

This video shows you how to turn an old dresser chest of drawers into quite the fancy looking dog feeder. This will be the next thing to be watching for at summer garage sales or thrift stores. You can find an old dresser for just a few bucks. This feeder is so nice because you can tuck the bowls away when you need to, or if you’re trying to clean up, or help Fido stay trim.

The only thing I might change is having the food in a tupperware or plastic bin. It’s important to keep the food in the best condition.

See it for yourself in the video below… Enjoy!