33 DIY Dollar Store Christmas Crafts

Now that the holiday season is here, you’ll want to start decorating your home for the holidays. Many people go all out on their festive decorations. You might want to do that as well, but you might be worried about the costs. After all, decorations are getting more expensive. However, thanks to DIY enthusiasts, they have found a way to go all out decorating your home on a budget. You can have all of your decorations made with items found at the dollar store!

We have put together 33 do it yourself crafts that you can put together with dollar store items. In fact, just $20 could decorate your entire home for the holidays! The best part? It won’t even look like you took the cheap route. Your decorations will be equal to your friends and family who spent hundreds. This holiday season, save money for gifts and still get amazing decorations.

Check out these decorations below and see if any of them will fit your home. If you find one you like, head to the dollar store and get started on your decorations! The best part? You can save them for next year too!

1. Snowman Decorated Wooden Spoons

Via: Crafts By Night

2. Coffee Filter Tree

Via: Stone Gable

3. Snow Globe Wine Glasses

Via: Anika Burke

4. Snowy Christmas Village

Via: Confessions of a Plate Addict

5. Christmas Countdown Chalk Plate

Via: Lizzi’s Creations

6. Beaded Snowman

Via: Yesterday on Tuesday

7. Dollar Tree Painted Plates

Via: On Sutton Place

8. Heart Ornament

Via: Songbird

9. DIY Winter Vase

Via: Design Dining and Diapers

10. Glitter Candle Sticks

Via: Ilovetocreateblog

11. Mini Table Stockings

Via: Princesspinkygirl

12. Dollar Store Angel

Via: Organizedisland

13. Snow Globe Mason Jar

Via: Foxhollowcottage

14. Sparkle Ornament

Via:  Caughtonawhim

15. Toothpick Snowflake

Via: Somewhatquirkydesign

16. Glitter Star Ornaments

Via: Usefulbeautifulhome

17. Wine Glass Candle Holder

Via: Popsugar

18. DIY Icicle Ornaments

Via: Mad in Crafts

19. Fast and Easy Snowman Candle

Via: Fox Hollow Cottage

20. Decorated Winter Mug

Via: Debbiedoos

21. Tea Light Snowmen

Via: One Little Project

22. Fork and Spoon Christmas Tree

Via: Hip2Save

23. DIY Christmas Garland

Via: Celebrate & Decorate

24. Snowflake Christmas Wreath

Via: Mama in the Deep

25. Holiday Wall Art

Via: The Crazy Craft Lady

26. Red Bulb Wreath

Via: Sixsistersstuff

27. North Pole Sign Decoration

Via: Dollarstorecrafts

28. Feather Christmas Tree

Via: Laurieslittlebitsofcreativity

29. Mini Present Christmas Tree

Via: Thriftyrebelvintage

30. Christmas Sock Wreath

Via: Favecrafts

31. Illuminated Picture Frame

Via: Thatswhatchesaid

32. Hand Written Christmas Plates

Via: Pitterandglink

33. Snowman Soap Dispenser

Via: Momspark

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