18 Best Halloween Door Ideas

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When most people think of decorating for Halloween they rarely think of the door. And why would they? There aren’t too many door decorations for sale. But the door is the first thing someone sees when they come to your house. It’s also the thing that trick-or-treaters will walk right up to! This is why you should shake things up this Halloween and decorate your door.

There are many great ways to decorate your door. Some might go with a wreath or archway while some might be more creative. Below are 18 DIY door decorations to check out. If you see one you like, try to give it a shot this year! You can also do multiple on different doors inside or outside your home. These pictures will inspire you to choose the right design and find the one that best suits your other decor that you are planning.

Remember, Halloween only comes once a year – so don’t put off doing something really fun!

1. Decorative spider web door

Via: Idea Stand


2. Hands and poison apples

Via: Brit Co


3. Classic cobwebs around the door



4. The Joker from Batman

Via: Black and White Obsession


5. Frankenstein’s Monster is perfect for green doors!

Via: East Coast Creative


6. This mummy door is easy and creative

Via: Mrs. Hodge and her Kindergarten Kids


7. Like witches? This decoration is for you!

Via: Good Housekeeping


8. Monster clown door

Via: Residence Style


9. Simple Jack Skellington door

Via: Twin Dragonfly Designs


10. Turn your door into a coffin

Via: Parr Lumber


11. Skull and chains door decor

Via: About Ruth


12. Decorative bats flying

Via: Country Living


13. Monsters Inc Door Decoration

Via: GooDSGN


14. Simple monster Halloween door

Via: HomeJelly


15. Giant monster teeth

Via:  Craftibilities


16. Boarded up keep out door

Via: Woman’s Day


17. Pumpkin door decoration

Via: Woman’s Day


18. Monster eyes Halloween door

Via: Rust-o-leum

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