40 Awesome DIY Flooring Ideas

Many people don’t realize this but your floor is the most viewed part of your home. If you want to improve the design of your home, you need to have a great floor. Installing yourself can be costly and take a lot of time. But today, we are showing you 40 different flooring ideas that will change the way you see your home.

The projects below are all DIY, meaning you can do them yourself without a contractor or spending money on a handyman. This is why these designs are so popular. Some of these look like they came out of a show on HGTV and now you too can have them in your home with a bit of time and elbow grease.

1. Layered rugs

via: thefoxandshe


2. Home Depot 2-hour vinyl flooring

via: homedepot


3. Quadro vinyl flooring

via: etsy


4. Patterned linoleum floor

via: abeautifulmess


5. Stenciled tile

via: classyclutter


6. Wallpapered floors

via: grillo-designs


7. Dyed plywood floors

via: danslelakehouse


8. Simple bathroom tile pattern

via: simplydesigning


9. DIY wood pine floors

via: hoodcreeklogcabin


10. $50 painted kitchen floor

via: effortless


11. Pebble shower floor

via: somethingfromnothingdiy


12. Blue painted floors

via: designsponge


13. Paper texture flooring

via: lovelycraftyhome


14. Stencil a subfloor

via: younghouselove


15. Laminate floor planks

via: biggerthanthethreeofus


16. Peel and stick wood floors

via: simplybeautifulbyangela


17. Easy laminate flooring

via: thegatheredhome


18. Geometric wood floor

via: vintagerevivals


19. Pergo outlast floors

via: domestically


20. Farmhouse vinyl flooring

via: artsychicksrule


21. Modern vinyl bathroom floor

via: centsationalstyle


22. Simple farmhouse style flooring

via: morningchores


23. Black floor tiles

via: emmajanenation


24. Painted patio tiles

via: oldbrandnew


25. Penny flooring

via: diyjoy


26. Stencil concrete floor

via: thecrownedgoat


27. Acid stain concrete flooring

via: directcolors


28. Wood pallet floor

via: palletwoodprojects


29. Easy gray kitchen tiles

via: houzz


30. DIY living room wood floors

via: theshabbycreekcottage


31. Paint and vinyl wood floors

via: royaldesignstudio


32. White and rustic floors

via: apartmenttherapy


33. DIY brick flooring

via: honeyandfitz


34. Old belt floor

via: tinglondon


35. Heated floors

via: deeplysouthernhome


36. Balcony makeover

via: oheverythinghandmade


37. Painted faux cement design

via: brightgreendoor


38. DIY kitchen flooring

via: notinggrace


39. Easy wide plank design

via: littlegreennotebook


40. Herringbone vinyl planks

via: lilawolff

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