30 DIY Garden Projects To Try This Spring

With the weather getting warmer and less wet, there’s plenty of time to work on your yard and create something that will impress everyone that comes over. DIY garden projects are simple, cheap, and add a lot of life to your house. There are tons of great projects out there like custom herb gardens, easy yard planters, and even fire pits. No matter what your yard looks like there is something out there that’ll bring it more life. DIY projects like these are growing in popularity due to the affordability and the fact that they’re easy to do. Many of these projects can be done in under a day, even the larger ones.

Here are the 30 best DIY garden and yard ideas out there. Be sure to save ideas you want to try or use these designs to come up with your own ideas. With just a little bit of work, your home can be ready for the summer! Be sure to save your favorite ones and be sure to share them if you decide to do one yourself!

1. Plastic Bottle Green House

Via: Goods Home Design

2. Tree Stump Planter

Via: Listotic

3. Old Boat Planter

Via: Listotic

4. DIY Garden Pond

Via: Total Pond

5. DIY Garden Hands

Via: Goods Home Design

6. Clay Pot Mushrooms

Via: Birds and Blooms

7. DIY Chandelier Planters

Via: DIY Show Off

8. Tree Ring Planter

Via: MhyLuv Mondragon

9. Tree Stump Walkway

Via: Home and Garden

10. Glow in the Dark Flower Pots

Via: Glow in the Dark Flower Pots 

11. Garden Made From Shoe Organizer

Via: Kelly Moore

12. Wooden Train Planter

Via: Facilisimo

13. Mounted Letter Flower Pot

Via: Goods Home Design

14. DIY Raised Garden

Via: Better Homes & Gardens

15. Bird Bath Fairy Village

Via: Faith Tap

16. Vertical Strawberry Planter

Via: Urban Green Space

17. Painted Frog Rocks

Via: Cores Com Arte

18. Standing Herb Garden

Via: Garden Web

19. Garden Dragon Flies

Via: Lucy’s Designs

20. Chandelier Bird Feeder

Via: Craftster

21. Hanging Flower Pot and Wind Chime

Via: Hometalk

22. Broken Pot Fairy Village

Via: Hometalk

23. Stacked Planters

Via: Soulouposeto

24. Cinder Block Planters

Via: Slip Talk

25. DIY Chia Pet

Via: Beautiful Home & Garden

26. DIY Wine Barrel Sink

Via: Instructables

27. Spilled Flower Pot

Via: Greyt Paper Crafts

28. Garden in a Pot

Via: Lemon

29. Easy Garden Fire Pit

Via: Fire Pit Ideas

30. Toy Truck Planters

Via: Empress of Dirt


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