14 Stunning DIY Glass Bottle Lamp Ideas

Glass bottles have many other purposes outside of holding liquid. Alcohol, soda, and even juice can come in glass bottles. Once they are empty they usually end up in the recycling bin. But there are some really cool crafts that you can make using your old glass bottles. Some of them, like these lamps, will add a better look to your home!

We have compiled a list of 14 awesome glass bottle ideas for you to try. Most of these are actually pretty simple. Some of them just require a glass bottle and a basic light! Just a bottle and one hour of work can make your home look more elegant with these lovely decorations.

Even if you are not going to make them yourself, you can still admire the beauty of these lamps. Imagine having one of these in your home! Some people would spend a lot of money to have lamps like these, and you can actually make them yourself.

So check out these designs and see them for yourself. Let us know what you think of them in the comments!

1. This simple Jack Daniels lamp is the perfect decoration for a man-cave

jack daniels lamp

via: garenergie


2. And so is this lamp made from a bottle of gin

gin lamp

via: grrid


3. Wrapping rope around a wine bottle makes a unique lamp like this one

rope lamp

via: createcooksurvivelawschool


4. This elegant lamp is actually very simple

All you need to do is paint two different size wine bottles to get this style.

black lamp

via: archiexpo


5. If you are looking for something truly unique, try this electric current bottle lamp

electric lamp

via: bgliving.com


6. A small bottle and some carved wood can make an animal lamp

This one is a deer!

deer lamp

via: infmetry


7. If you are a talented painter, you can paint your own designs on a glass bottle and turn it into a lamp

painted bottle lamp

via: boredart


8. Some alcohol bottles are already designed elegantly. They can be turned into simple lamps!

fancy liquor bottle

via: etsy


9. Some glass bottles are perfect for your own designs

snoopy lamo

via: pinterest


10. Even broken bottles can be re-purposed into unique lamps

broken bottle

via: upcycledzine


11. You can fill glass bottles with marbles or stones to get a lamp designed like these

fill bottle

via: bottle-lamp


12. Colored alcohol bottles are an easy way to get a cool design

colored bottle

via: usefuldiyprojects


13. Most vodka and rum bottles have great designs already on them

vodka bottle rum bottle

via: boredart|usefuldiyprojects


14. Christmas lights inside a glass bottle are an easy and super cool lamp idea!

christmas lights lamo

via: genovesatelier