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19 Super Easy DIY Hairstyle Hacks for When You’re Feeling Lazy

We all have those days where our hair is just not what we want it to be. Whether we were running late and didn’t have enough time to fix our hair, or we tried and just couldn’t get it, a bad hair day is never any fun. It can make us feel lousy the whole day, and make us feel like everyone is staring.

Luckily, there are fast and easy solutions to a bad hair day! Our list has 19 easy hairstyle hacks that you can do yourself at home. These hacks are for situations where you need to fix up your hair without going to the salon or spending hours getting it right. These hacks are for those days when we get lazy or are running out of time!

All of these hairstyles are easy to pull off and take minimal tools and take up minimal time. Try them when you are running late for work, school, or just not feeling like spending all of that time on your hair!

Try some of these hairstyle hacks the next time you have one of those days. Or master some of them now and be prepared! Either way, you may never have a bad hair day again.
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1. Tuck your hair into a hairband

This quick hack will make your hair look great in seconds!

hairstyle hacks tuck into hairband

via: missysue


2. Or roll it up into a hairband

hairstyle hacks roll into hairband

via: totalbeauty


3. Uplift your pony tail using two bobby pins

hairstyle hacks pony-tail bobby pins hairstyle hacks bobby pins 2

via: thehowtomom


4. You can also do the same using two hair ties

hairstyle hacks two hair ties

via: modamob


5. A hidden butterfly clip also works for a fuller ponytail

hairstyle hacks butterfly clip 1 hairstyle hacks butterfly clip 2

via: artzycreations


6. Try the easy twisty bun

hairstyle hacks twisty bun

via: alittlesliceof


7. Get a spin pin

These are so much easier to use than bobby pins!

hairstyle hacks spin pins

via: realgirlglam


8. Need a quick professional hairstyle for work? Try this one.

hairstyle hacks hair-updo

via: yogabycandace


9. Curl your hair quickly by splitting it first.

The quickest way to get a great curl!

hairstyle hacks fast curl

via: floridianweddings


10. Use dry shampoo to clean your hair without getting it wet

That way, you can keep your hair clean without making it go dry.

hairstyle hacks dry shampoo

via: wikihow


11. Master the 20 second up-do

This one will come in handy if you are running late for work!

hairstyle hacks 20 second up-do

via: lovethispic


12. Have no bobby pins or hair ties handy? You can still put it in a bun.

hairstyle hacks quick bun 1 hairstyle hacks quick bun 2

via: nerdygirlmakeup


13. Or you can try a messy bun

This hairstyle is fun, but still professional.

hairstyle hacks messy bun

via: makeup


14. Make your hairstyle last for days

Get the most out of all your hard work!

hairstyle hacks extend

via: thesmallthingsblog


15. Learn the quick braid

This hairstyle is great when you want something easy, but more interesting than a pony tail!

hairstyle hacks quick braid

via: thesmallthingsblog


16. Stretch your natural hair without using any heat

via: youtube


17. Use a messy knot to upgrade your pony tail

hairstyle hacks upgrade pony-tail

via: irrelephant


18. Get a boar brush for better easy hair styling.

Boar brushes are expensive, but give your hair a great shine.

hairstyle hacks boar brush

via: hairromance


19. Having a bad hair day and can’t find a style to work? Use this trick with a scarf to make a turban.

Sometimes, we have those days where nothing seems to work!

hairstyle hacks turban tie

via: barefootblonde


Have any hairstyle hacks to add to the list? Please share in the comments below!

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