16 Crafty DIY Mobiles That Will Look Great In Any Room

Mobiles aren’t just for nurseries anymore! Many interior decorators and home decor enthusiast are starting to see the appeal of mobiles in other areas of your home. Custom mobiles would look great in your bathroom, kitchen, or even your bedroom! Many mobiles can be made by yourself at home. You can do this to save money, have fun making them, and create something that is unique to you.

Below are 16 mobiles that you can make yourself at home! You can use these images to copy the design, or get inspired and do your own thing! These mobiles can be put in any room of the house, and we also added a few classic nursery mobiles if you are looking for those. Most of them will require some supplies that you may not have around the house, but a quick trip to the craft store can fix that problem!

Take a look at these mobiles and let us know what you think. Which of these mobiles do you like the most? We hope you enjoy this list!

1. By blowing up a balloon, putting glue around it, letting it dry, and popping it, you can make these awesome balls which can hang in your house

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2. Pom pom balls and some sticks can make beautiful mobiles like these

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3. This is a simple photo mobile that can look great anywhere!

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4. Using shapes like triangles can make beautifully decorated mobiles like these

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5. Or you can use other geometric shapes to make a mobile like this

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6. There are also hanging plant mobiles you can make!

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7. If you can make origami birds, try out this mobile

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8. You can also use thick/colored paper to make this origami bird display

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9. This is a cool idea! Rolled up newspaper can make printed word mobiles.

This would be perfect in a reading room!

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10. The most popular DIY mobiles are the star mobiles like this one

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11. And this one is beautiful too!

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12. Instead of throwing out your egg cartons, you can turn them into beautiful mobiles!

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13. You can also make flower mobiles with soft paper

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14. And colored paper can also be used to make a rainbow like this

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15. But there are still the classic mobiles for nurseries, like the classic nighttime sky

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16. And last but not least, there is this lovely owl display

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