DIY Nail Art Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With


I love doing my nails. The only way I can not bite them is when they look all fancy. Lately I’ve been using stickers to get flawless manicures. (They are actually called polish strips and they are so easy.) The only problem with doing my nails this way is that you have to buy the kit. Booo. $$$$. DIY is definitely cheaper. The problem with so many DIYs is that they aren’t really DIY. They are so stinkin difficult! I’m not a pro. Are you?! That’s why this roundup from Diply is a keeper. The nail art featured her actually is DIY. (I think.)

I love that none of these tutorials require drawing or fine tipped brush work. I can never pull that off. And if I do manage it, it’s only on one or two nails on my right hand. #lame #fail. I really like number 16. I have tons of fun colored sharpies. I could rock some awesome nail designs with them. And it’s great that when you mess you can wipe it off without messing up the polish! Have you tried any of these? Are they as easy as advertised?

Find all 26 fun tutorials here…

Diply: 26 DIY Nail Art Ideas You Can Actually Do