Paper Art

30 Stunningly Creative Examples Of DIY Paper Art

Paper Art

Paper doesn’t seem like a good thing to recycle. I use both sides in the printer sometimes but… what else can you do with it? Apparently a lot! Prepare to have your mind blown by this collection of crafts and ways to repurpose/upcycle paper from Home Esthetics. Yikes! These are gorgeous! Heart. Heart. Heart.

The paper garland would be so fun for a party! You could make it in any color. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and #5 is a perfect decoration for the day we celebrate love and romance. You might have to take up quilling or origami for some of these but how cool are they? The paper stars are my favorite. I think I would frame some of the more delicate ones. Dust is my nemesis. Or maybe Shellac them? The paper crafts outside terrify me! Ack. Please don’t rain.

Origami goes way beyond jumping frogs and paper cranes. These artists are truly gifted in folding paper. Check out their work here.

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HomeEsthetics: 30 Insanely Beautiful Examples Of DIY Paper Art