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Awesome DIY Projects For Your Puppy

Pet Hacks

I love my puppies. They aren’t so much puppies anymore as they are big dogs. (And we are thinking about getting a little mini one!) Life with them is fun but never easy. Or cheap. Sometimes DIYs are the only hope for not breaking the bank. Here are 21 projects for you and your dog that are brilliant and budget.

I am all about #1. It would be wonderful if I could keep my car clean! The self dispensing water dish (#3) is cool but wouldn’t work for me and mine. My dogs would destroy it. They need something super durable and that holds gallons of water! The flea power is always a good one to have (#6) and homemade mouthwash too (#8). This roundup has some recipes for tasty treats that they are sure to love and that I am for sure going to make! The Kitchn has 9 recipes for doggie treats that are also must tries! Find them here.

Here’s the link to see all 21 ideas…

Just DIY: 21 Amazing DIY Projects That Will Make You And Your Pup Insanely Happy