DIY Rubbermaid Container Pond


The sound of a gurgling bubbling brook is just one of my favorites. Sadly not all of us live in the country or have a river next door. Regardless, every backyard needs a water feature! They aren’t as hard to make as you might think. Take this one, featured at Diply. It is very easy to make and I’m excited to feature it here today.

It’s not going to take a lot to add some ambiance to your backyard. Only five things are needed for this project. (Geeze! I wish my water feature had been that simple!). You will need a Rubbermaid container, water pump, some decorative rocks, flat concrete stones, and your favorite water plants. It’s suggested that you get something to help keep the algae at bay too. Sunset has 32 other water features worth checking out. Not all DIY but each and every one inspiring and beautiful. Find them here.

Follow the link to find the full tutorial and amazing finished product…

Diply: DIY Container Pond Tutorial (photos)