DIY Lighting

Make A DIY Sparkle Ball Lamp From Plastic Cups

DIY Lighting

How is your party hosting? Does it need to be brought up a notch? (Mine could do with some fine tuning.) Maybe it’s your lighting that needs some work. Maybe you need a sparkle ball. A sparkle ball is like a disco ball but less 70’s and more DIY. And more amazing. Definitely more amazing.

You’ll need some clear plastic cups, staples, twinkle lights, and something to drill a hole in the bottom of the cups. I’m thinking dance party! The lights that flash would look best for that. Since the lights are stapled inside the globe you better test them first. It would be awful for them not to work after all that! Adding some glitter to the cups would really make it sparkle!

Here are some other fun DIY pendant lights. You can never have too many fun lights. They just do so much for ambiance. I like the globe and colander best.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!