Easter Basket

DIY String And Balloon Easter Baskets

Easter Basket

Easter is early this year. Early as in March 27th! That is fast approaching so you better get your act together. Gather your candy, that horrid fake grass (it will turn up in your house until Christmas if you go that route), some plastic eggs, some real ones, and your favorite tutorial for coloring them.

The other thing you will need is a basket. There are some cute ones for sale or you can make your own. Centre Street has a fun DIY Easter basket that you should check out. I’m excited to feature it here today!

This basket is adorable and easy to make. It uses string and a balloon to make an ‘egg.’ Then that string shaped egg is cut to make the cutest basket with the cutest handle. It’s decorated with ribbons, crinkle cellophane, Easter peeps (ewwww gross), and other adorable holiday themed treats. Love it!

See how to make this basket for yourself here…

CentreStreet: DIY Easter Baskets (tutorial)